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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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melissa: see you back here in an hour. you too. >> we haven't scared you off? you will come back? >> without question. that sounds great. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. four police officers shot. one of them killed execution-style in four separate attacks within a 24 hour period yesterday. right now a manhunt in san antonio, texas, for the killer who pulled up in a car and gunned down an officer in his squad car while he was writing a ticket. in st. louis, an officer shot twice in the face while driving in what police are calling an ambush. he is expected to survive. two others short and injured. one in gladstone, missouri, the other in sanibel, florida. the victim in san antonio attack, benjamin marconi and the suspect is still on the loose. we'll give you any new
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information as we get it and talk later in the hour what is fueling this war on law enforcement. another fox news alert for you. new developments at trump tower. president-elect donald trump's white house takes shape after big meeting over the weekend with former gop presidential nominee mitt romney, top candidate for secretary of state sport. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. happy monday, everyone. here is meghan mccain, host of "kennedy" on fox business. "kennedy" is here. from fbn, dagen mcdowell. fox news's correspondent adam housley tashfeen malik. he is here. >> nice to see you guys in person for a change. >> little sunshine. >> it is raining right now. it is a told day in new york city, that's for sure.
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we're getting a lot of new details how president-elect trump's team is shaping up. focus shifting from national kurt to economic and domestics policy issues. meeting today with former texas governor and primary rival rick perry, former massachusetts senator, scott brown, and oklahoma governor mary fallin, and democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard. she is a bernie sanders supporter. after talks with mitt romney, chris christie and giuliani and retired general james mattis. romney and giuliani are on the list for secretary of state. here is vice president-elect mike pence. >> they had a good meeting. he is underactive consideration to be secretary of state of the united states along with other americans. romney came to trump national and spent time to be considered for this important role in the
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important time in the life of our nation. sandra: all right. let's bring in peter doocy live outside of trump tower right now. as i mentioned on a very chilly day. good to have you. what is the latest? reporter: it ischially. first day i needed to wear a scarf in the last several months but we have gotten word, sandra, from the vice president-elect he made some deals with some of the people that he has met with. we still do not know though what those deals are. we are still awaiting announcements who will fill some of the vacant cabinet positions which include some of the highest profile positions in the u.s. government. trump's schedule includes sit-downs with the democrat who bucked party leaders to back bernie during the primaries, hawaii congresswoman and veteran tulsi gabbard. as well as newt gingrich, former house speaker, elaine chao, former education secretary and wife of majority leader mitch mcconnell and governor
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mary fallin and governor rick perry. we heard from kellyanne conway what they like the people for? >> energy. mary fallin governor of oak home, maybe indeer i don't remember. it doesn't needs to a position. it leads to working together. reporter: we got word at some point this afternoon the transition team will release a video with legislative priorities in january, topping list of things to clean up and get rid of are trade and the trans-pacific partnership. regulations they think they have been hurting economy and jobs. national security with a specific emphasis on cybersecurity. and then immigration along with abuses of visas systems and ethics reforms. those are the things that trump was really harping on while he was talking about draining the swamp in washington, d.c. once you gets there, we got off a call with some members of the transition team. trump will not be in d.c. or nyc
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for thanksgiving. he is going down to sunny florida for a couple days to hang out at mar-a-lago with his family for the holidays. sandra? sandra: peter doocy, thank you for the update from trump tower. good to have you. stay warm. adam, what do you make of names being discussed. high-profile visits from trump tower over the weekend, mitt romney obviously one of them? >> mitt romney one was very interesting. people are very surprised by that especially with the words exchanged by both sides. for me being a foreign policy guy and covering a lot of military stuff a lot of guys and gals i speak to in the military are excited about jim mattis. mad dog as they call him. he is a soldier's soldier. kennedy: trump called him a general's general. >> he did. before he mentioned that, talk to any guys in the field last four years his name comes up. he is a somebody a lot of men and women in the military really follow. it will be interesting to see if he gets the job. sandra: are you being impressed
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who he is assembling so far and now who he is talking to because he still has big positions to fill? meghan: goes to show the wounds of primaries can be healed for the greater good after a general election. mitt romney especially, i don't believe he voted for him or endorsed him. i like both men are coming together to put the past behind them. sandra: let me remind you of some. words exchanged. he called trump a fraud during the primary season. he in turn called romney a choke artist. and, pence by the way is confirming that he is being considered for secretary of state. this would be a huge role in the trump administration after they quite frankly just had some harsh words. meghan: entirely different perspectives on foreign policy though. in the 2012 debate against obama, romney brought up how dangerous putin is. obama called it 1980s foreign policy. these have vastly different views on foreign policy, adam. the question i have how do you reconcile two such different perspectives especially when it comes to russia.
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>> he would have to get in line with the view that forms donald trump's world and views of this administration. i'm chuckling, down south, that is different. it means it is terrible. mitt romney, what is so fascinating this guy we kind of forget, he is a businessman. he is a businessman who is schooled at fixing things that are broken. if you look at what he did with the olympics in salt lake city, there was north of like $300 million hole and he came in and did an audit of entire operation. kennedy: olympics were incredibly corrupt. that is side of the story not enough people are focusing on is mitt romney's background. >> i want to finish. that is what newt gingrich said this morning on maria bartiromo's show, is that the state department needs fixing. that is why it would make sense. >> absolutely it does. goes to show you the place is in a shambles even after hillary clinton's tenure. and i think there are a lot of people even on the left, if you can overcome personality
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differences and philosophical differences by nominates someone like mitt romney for secretary of state, it is showing the left you are willing to work with people who have disparate voices and backgrounds. i think that is frankly very important. i was talking to a friend of mine who is ultraleftist. so progressive and this person said they were a little terrified by thought of someone like john bolton or rudy giuliani running the state department you but for some reason mitt romney was a calming presence for people. he looks like a politician that -- >> add very quickly, there was former german economics and defense minister on fox business this morning and he said everyone in europe says, anybody but rudy. anybody but rudy. which makes me think, well, rudy, rudy, rudy. again, america first. we're tired of kowtowing to the europeans and rest of the world. >> you hit on it. i don't know if rudy is really someone at the top of the list. his situation you might find him getting a different position.
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strong supporter of trump but somebody would be reamly put in that position? i don't know a lot of people behind the scenes believe that. maybe he is better for homeland security or that line. i'm curious if it is romney what is your foreign policy? really the last eight years, last 16 years in some respects it is all over the board. our fingers are everywhere. what is your foreign policy? >> two men completely on surface opposed to each other. can you firm that up with two different points of view? meghan: will it angster the base draining the swamp, if you choose mitt romney, king of establishment republicans. you have to reconcile that with core -- >> reconcile who will follow behind, state department employees carrying out policy. >> carrying knives for anybody involved with trump -- >> or blackberrys. sandra: we're waiting any announcements from donald trump, the president-elect. vice president-elect mike pence saying obama care will be repealed right out of the gate right after the inauguration.
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incoming majority leader says democrats fight that tooth and nail. what to expect and whether democrats striking the right tone. sounds like president obama is rethinking his plan to withdraw from politics after his term is up. he will reserve the right to speak out if president-elect trump's policies breach certain values or id whether that is a good idea. of a the show you can join our live chat clicking on overtime tab, go to the you chan chime in as well. you can tweet us. we read them after the show. be nice. what he was dreaming abt for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used
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♪ meghan: sounds like president-elect donald trump is going to take on obamacare right away. he long vowed to undo president obama's signature health care legislation as soon as he is inaugurated though he recently indicated he might keep a couple parts of law. listen to governor elect mike pence yesterday. >> decisions have been made that by the president-elect that he wants to focus out of the gate on repealing obamacare and beginning the process of replacing obamacare with the kind of free market solutions
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that he campaigned on. from there we'll work on issues ranging from ending illegal immigration, reviving our economy through tax reform, rebuilding the military, restoring infrastructure of this country. meghan: obamacare repeal is sure to spark a showdown with democrats. here is incoming senate minority leader charles schumer. >> as you know democrats got majority of the popular vote, hillary did, so it is not a mandate. when he opposed to our values we'll go after him tooth and nail. for instance, we'll not let him repeal dodd-frank or the, the rules we put in place to limit wall street. they're going to regret the day they tried to repeal the aca. so when we oppose trump, on values or if his presidency take as dark, divisive turn, we'll do it tooth and nail. meghan: oh, chuck schumer. in my home state of arizona,
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obamacare went up 100% with the premiums, the state hit hardest. when people said hillary clinton would win arizona, this is the first quarter thing i pointed to said absolutely no way. is there hope it will be repealed? dagen: i don't think it will take the shape of complete repeal this one of the first things to work on. rule number one, donald trump won with the republicans with coattails he had. he doesn't kowtow with chuck schumer. 150 days they will shove through whatever they want to, should. corporate tax reform. maybe along with individual tax reform. they got a long list of things. immigration reform, job creation, the wall, trade pacts, but i think that with this they have got to focus on reducing the cost. they could easily just take the subsidy part of this and convert it to, like a refundable tax credit if you will. there are certain things they can do piecemeal. but they have got, you but why are the democrats act like,
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sorry don't mean to raise my voice, act like this has been success for people? 25% increase in premiums. less choice. exchanges leaving states. people are not even buying health care because they get nothing for their money this is success democrats worry about going away. kennedy: you could argue why she lost. the bad news about obamacare and president clinton saying this is the crazy post thing in the world this happened before james comey's announcement they were proceeding with the investigation. the big question is, do you get rid of preexisting condition clause? if you don't get rid of it, you have to keep it and keep the original mandate. you keep the main pillars of the aca in place. if that is the case, then democrats can actually go in with republicans to recraft legislation with bipartisan way, better than back and forth,
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heels stuck in, back and forth beckering schumer is doing now. president-elect trump says he wants to keep preexisting conditions, that is significantnal to the left this is area we can work together. if that is it how they're starting transition, that is bad news for rest of the money. >> this was a money vote. people say obama kayser. they don't know anything about it. premiums went up. sandra: how it affects them. >> he was against it. my dad is paying $1200 more. he is teacher. his health care went up $100 more. it is a -- $1200 more. this is pocketbook vote. total repeal is probably not in the cards but -- sandra: chuck schumer doesn't do himself any favors not acknowledging there is problem. in interview he gave to "the new york times" in his office, flat-out, democrats would not cooperate in any way overturning the affordable care act. at the same time he makes concession in the same speech as
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long as we don't tell out we -- mr. trump won appealing to middle america better than his opponent. >> pocketbook. dagen: nice to say the democrats still living in fantasy land in terms of financial situation of the american people. that means the republicans will get their way. kennedy: if they are doing such a bang-up job, why don't they have majority in the senate right now. meghan: trump won, that simple. president obama not ruling out possibility of speaking about politics once he left office. at a press office yesterday in peru he said quote, he doesn't plan to be a constant critic of his successor you but he won't necessarily stay silent either. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if i think that it's
9:20 am
necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then, i'll, i'll examine it when it comes. meghan: "the new york times" reporting that president obama won't fade away. the newspaper writing, quote, in his remarks to activists, mr. obama urged them to stop moping and to ratchet up the opposition to mr. trump by thanksgiving. he promised to join their cause soon after telling them, quote, you will see me early next year and we're going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff to do. i have this bet president obama will be the most vocal and bitter ex-president we've had in modern history. will be polar opposite how respectful president bush has been to his legacy. my favorite thing, i will talk now but i will talk after trump is elected. that is 60 days from now. two months from now. kennedy: follow me on this either we have to elect really, really old people so we don't have decades of blathering, or,
9:21 am
i know this would have profound repercussions for the supreme court, just park president obama on the supreme court for the rest of his life. then he is going to be so busy doing that -- he can't -- sandra: tweet us your thoughts. dagen: not enough spotlight on the high court. can't run your mouth. kennedy: park the enemies. just have to help them. >> in my lifetime, president carter came out a few times been controversial. president reagan, first president bush were pretty quiet obviously. president clinton and of course president 41 was, you know, kind of was pretty quiet. only comments you hear from cheney last few years. cheney came out a few times, former vice president and been controversial. president obama is young. he is obviously very energic and clearly somebody that left looks up to. what will be interesting to see is if, how much does, is pride going to get in the way?
9:22 am
is there a point he doesn't want his presidency to be torn down. sandra: unfortunate, he came out so strong right after trump's victory and tried to unite the country and say give the guy a chance, even if you don't like him, don't believe in him, don't like his values. >> right. sandra: he started out strong and now why are we here? >> people forgot he had democratic congress and they they got nothing done. kennedy: got aca out and it is falling apart. dagen: you thought president obama listened from bush 43 treating the current president with grace and respect by saying nothing. maybe he sticks to what we've seen in the past several weeks. but again, he, he wants to be a star. i said all along, i think he wants to have a talk show. so we have reality show star become as president and a president who become as reality show star. you never know. >> could be on outnumbered. dagen: someone who dated a lot
9:23 am
of people, bitterness is terrible cologne. >> i'm glad i'm in the middle. i have a buffer between us. meghan: officials from more than 20 cities vowing to defy president-elect trump on immigration. should the cities be allowed to get away violating federal law? president-elect trump responding. we get heartbreaking details on one of the officers shot that simply for being a cop? this officer was a husband, he is a husband. he has three children. he was protecting our streets. he was shot twice in the face without provocation. this gives us a very, very strong idea of how dangerous it is to be a police officer. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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san antonio, texas, while writing a ticket in his squad car. the suspect still on the loose. a st. louis police officer shot twice in the face in ambush attack. he is expected to survive. it appears he was targeted because he is a cop. here is the city's police chief. >> the officer says he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the glads breaking in his window as shots came through and struck him in the head. this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this sister -- officer was not trying to pull the car over. this officer was ambushed from a person who pointed a gun at him from inside of his car and shot out the window. sandra: that gunman was later killed in shootout with police. one injured in gladstone, missouri and sanibel, florida. casey stiegel with the very latest on these four incidents in a 24-hour period. really difficult for this country to stomach what is
9:29 am
happening out there, casey? reporter: sandra, really just the unthinkable as it pertains to the shooting here in texas, it happened right near police headquarters in the middle of downtown san antonio yesterday morning in broad daylight. investigators say that the 50-year-old officer had executed a traffic stop and was sitting inside of his car finishing up paperwork when investigators say a different vehicle pulled up behind the officer, a man jumped out of it, ran up to the squad car, and fired two shots, killing detective benjamin march march -- marconi, a 20 year veteran with the san antonio police department. officials desperately searching for the person who pulled the trigger. >> we consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous both to the police and to the public. i think that the uniform was the target and anyone who happened, first person happened along was the person that he targeted.
9:30 am
reporter: san antonio police have released this photo of what is believed to be the suspect's vehicle and someone they are calling a person of interest. meantime over in missouri, two other officers shot yesterday with two different departments, separate incidents. one outside of kansas city. the other in st. louis. now those officers are expected to make a full recovery. both suspects were later shot and killed by police. and in florida, sunday evening an officer with the sanibel police department also shot after finishing up a traffic stop. authorities say he was treated and released from the hospital, and the man they believe is responsible was later arrested. so out of the four shootings that happened in just 24 hours, in this country, only one suspect remains on the run at this hour. and that again is the deadly shooting down in san antonio.
9:31 am
sandra: casey, thank you. want to open it up to the couch going back to the words of the mayor in st. louis, this gives us a very, very strong idea of how dangerous it is to be a police officer in this country right now. why do you think this is happening? kennedy: there is so much turmoil and so much animosity, and misdirected this is not a majority of people. survey came you out a few weeks ago more people have faith and admiration respect for police officers than many in years, especially places like los angeles seen difficulty with its police department. dagen: highest level of respect since 1967. kennedy: that is absolutely right. i speak with a lot of police officers say they feel targeted. they feel like lack of respect with some of the people they come across on day-to-day basis. it is such a difficult job and it is such an inappropriate reaction if you think there are
9:32 am
institutions need to be reformed in this country like the criminal justice system. i think about these people because by and large all these cops who were shot, they have families, they have kids. we learned about the one officer who was killed in california who just came off maternity leave. we have the incidents that may be unrelated but to law enforcement they all feel very -- sandra: one of the officers in st. louis, a husband, father of three children. but just to get it to the root of this, for these communities to figure out what to do, you how to respond, adam. >> we cover this in the field. every time it is heart-breaking. we blame social media you but it is a lot of root of the problem. a lot of misinformation gets out there. if you're frustrated with department or officer in particular you don't take out on a entire industry. i have a lot of friend i grew up with, they are police officers and you met too here at fox. they always know there is a target on their back but never more than today. if you don't think that affects
9:33 am
their job when they go out, they're serving us. doing amazing things in communities, some really poor community we go into and upper scale communities they do phenomenal work, 99% of the time. unfortunately the few times it doesn't go right for whatever reason that gets exasperated. the problem these guys are going out there and gals, they already had the target but now they're really uncertain, it does affect what they do. sandra: how does this play you out politically, meghan? we're here in transition to have a new president in the white house. trump, he campaigned he is the law candidate, the law and order candidate? meghan: i really like this aspect when he was running. these stories give me chills. there was incident that happened in arizona where a police officer was shot at a gas station sitting in his car. even if these are smaller incidents, even only in the teens or whatever, it is still a trend that is happening and only seems to be getting worse and for me i would like some
9:34 am
responsibility in the media when they completely vilify all police officers, when unfortunate incidents happen and zero tohundred, then all of sudden you have to have hashtag like "blue lives matter" not all of us feel the same way about police officers having a certain agenda. for me, if i were president trump i would start with the media. >> for those who are opposed or friend that complained about police officers to me and said, what is your response then? what do you want to happen? do you want them to go away? let's work to make it better. sandra: and should president obama speak up? dagen: everybody should speak up who hasn't spoken up so far who contributed quite frankly these negative feelings against police departments. you know what? blue lives do matter because we need the blue to protect all of us, whether white, black, any ethnicity, any race in this country, the police are there for us period. sandra: well-said. we'll leave it there. a showdown looming as officials
9:35 am
from a growing number of cities say they will defy president lent trump on immigration, putting billions in federal funding at risk. what mr. trump's team is saying. that's next. ♪
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kennedy: president-elect trump's team weighing in as growing number of cities that are sanctuary citiess shielding illegal immigrants from deportation. reince priebus not ruling out federal funding for places that refuse to follow the law. watch. >> this is matter of negotiation. this is something that the trump administration and others at appropriate levels of government will live with. i can't imagine too many americans are watching this and that it is a good idea to allow blanket amnesty, ignoring
9:40 am
federal law and give me $500 million. that is not the way he life works. kennedy: how different is life going to be under trump administration for some of the big sanctuary cities especially on the west coast where you live, los angeles and san francisco specifically? >> covered this a little bit. covered kate steinle case in san francisco as well. my thing, can't we find happy medium here? i understand my friends who i have interviewed or live in these cities who are in favor of sanctuary cities. we want minority communities not to be afraid to report crimes. okay, is there a way -- kennedy: special order 40 with lapd. >> absolutely. is there way to do that but still report after somebody who is arrested committed a crime, being released from jail, who is not supposed to be in the country legally, why can't those individuals be separated out from the law-abiding foles who you want to report? why can't we separate out those committing crimes and appropriately hand them over to our folks that will get them out of the country?
9:41 am
kennedy: create as safer environment not only for people who come into this country but also communities where they live and that way, we talk about assimilation in places like western europe and how immigration is so vastly different there but here, it seems as though, this conversation that we're having right now so incredibly divisive and it really doesn't have to be. what does the trump administration have to do in order to make immigration legal, safer, and more effective in this country without alienating people who want to come here, work hard, have a better life? meghan: i think this is not debate will be had. donald trump, first thing he said, build a wall, deport them. that is the cornerstone of his campaign. he won by huge margins including former obama voters who switched over. ericans don't want nuanced conversation as much as people in the media do.
9:42 am
talk to kate steinle's family about illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. cut off their federal funding. if they're allowed to brick the law there, how by don't pay taxes? dagen: like association, violent crimes versus other crimes. if it is -- >> still crime. dagen: if you rob my apartment, and you're here illegally, new york city will, gives you sanctuary here. you know what? where the power is, in the money. more than $10 billion in just funding to new york city, you look at that map of all those sanctuary cities, you bear down on them, saying you're not getting federal funding i guarranty you -- >> one big issue everybody is forgetting about. a lot of people live in the areas in san francisco and some. communities that are sanctuary communities, i speak spanish, covered the stories, they want the bad people out too. my whole thing, fine, if you're somebody can find a middle ground or get rid of them all together that's fine why can't we at least make a first step here? these communities don't want criminals back.
9:43 am
they want them gone. meghan: they have answered question about d.r.e.a.m. act students. i saw reince priebus said they don't know yet. that is whole different conversation talking about people brought here as babies. kennedy: maybe it is not so black and white where joe arpaio was not reelected? meghan: i don't think it is black and white. a whole swath answer to complicated problem. i never thought this would be easy for president obama, as much as some of us in the media want nuanced conversation with the about immigration, god knows i've been trying to do for years, it doesn't matter. dagen: sandra: you can't ignore federal law and have federal money have it both ways that is a very simple message. dagen, to go to your point, $10 billion is at stake if they withdraw federal funding. dagen: just for new york city. dagen: if you get arrested and here in this country illegally explain a reasonable person why you get to stay?
9:44 am
i don't care what the crime is. kennedy: up to admit there is difference between coming to the country illegally, we have a horrible immigration system where you have to wait in line for years and someone who commits a violent felony? there is difference between those people. when they are conflated, it is oversimplified argument. dagen: i think robbery, even if it wasn't violent crime is crime, you're here illegally, gets you sent back to where you came from. kennedy: hit broadway musical "hamilton," we'll break into a song right now, going off script, cast member lecturing vice president-elect pence from the stage. president-elect trump demanding a apology. wrong time and place or fair game? we'll discuss.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott what is happening in second hour of "happening now." >> president trump says one of his priorities when i takes office is to tackle and dismantle obamacare. why that proposal mike stoke fears on wall street. pope francis makes a groundbreaking announcement on abortion. what the leader of more than a billion roman catholics is saying about that controversial issue. the stunning twist in case of a
9:49 am
man who admitted killing nine people in charleston church. will a judge rule that dylann roof's federal trial can continue? we're on it. sandra: jon, thank you. >> thanks. dagen: vice president-elect mike pence getting earful from a cast member of the hit broadway musical "hamilton." mr. pence was in the audience friday night when he received a lecture from the stage during a current call amidst a chorus of boos. >> we, sear, we are diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. booing. our children and our parents defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. we hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. [cheering] dagen: mr. pence handling it graciously saying he was not irv fended.
9:50 am
>> when we arrived we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers and i nudged my kids and reminded them, that is what freedom sound like. and, but at the end you know, i did hear what was said from the stage and i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i will leave to others whether that was the appropriate vend you to say it. dagen: but his boss, president-elect trump firing back demanding an apology via twitter, one of several such tweets reading quote, cast and producers of "hamilton" which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. unquote. not having seen it, most elitist, least inclusive, most exclusionary event going on in country t will cost you $1200 a ticket if you want to see it tomorrow night. i want to know what you think of the cast. kennedy: that is bargain basement ticket. that is 400 level.
9:51 am
you're sitting on msg or not even on broadway if you're buying a ticket for $1200. i think a lot of this is just reaction. i will talk about this a lot on my show tonight on the fox business network because i think often times you have people who rarely have a concentrated set of eyeballs and there is no more pristine and spherical bubble than broadway here in new york city. everyone thinks it is in hollywood. talk about a group of people where they think everyone thinks exactly like they do. i don't have problem with their expression, i don't have a problem with they had to say, singling out members of your audience is a little bit tacky. sandra: invite him backstage. have a conversation. kennedy: invite him back stage. dagen: i don't like the booing, michelle obama first lady was booed at nascar race by a few people. i thought that was uncool. sandra: what class did mike pence show there he was asked to respond to this. he said i can tell you i wasn't
9:52 am
offended by what was said. i will leave it to others whether that was the appropriate venue. >> this is what makes america great and annoying. it is, no seriously. it is great we can have people do that and not have to worry about when they leave the theater getting shot or put in prison. at the same time, it is sad and annoying we can't find a way, his comment at beginning, the diverse americans alarmed by your presidency, that basically says the all the other millions that voted for president whether you like him or not are white and not diverse which is complete crap. meghan: diversity means everything except homeland and nra member, pro-life, liberals preach empathy especially when it comes to conservatives. >> and christians. meghan: and christians. that is hilarious, if you do historical research on alexander hamilton he thought you could be deported disagreeing with george washington. think about the person you're portraying and do research on the man portraying in theater. i'm okay booing politicians on stage or at a rally.
9:53 am
past that, it is never ever appropriate. dagen: brandon victor dixon who plays aaron burr, the one speaking this that clip, he said at the very beginning hey, we're not here to boo, because people were booing. so he was, he was as gracious as you could be, but again, he is like wagging his finger at the vice president-elect. meghan: they're not moving needle for conservatives. we're so polarized, if you think booing our vice president and preaching to him from the stage will change the mind of trump voters it exacerbates stereotypes about new yorkers. dagen: around highlights reason trump got elected president in the first place. that was big exclamation point, cast of ham mil ton, thank you very much. supporters of president-elect donald trump launching a counter offensive against the starbucks feel good holiday cups. the campaign is going viral after one starbucks employee took offense. a latte controversy to discuss next.
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meghan: operation trump cup going viral after one starbucks employee refused to write the president-elect's name on customer's coffee cup and call it out loud. the trump cup creator in response to video posted online of that incident saying first
9:58 am
amendment exercise and we are in a culture war. he says, the rules are simple. go to a starbucks and tell them your name is trump. if they refuse, catch it on video. starbucks responded in a statement saying calling out customers name is fun ritual rarely been abused by customers. so is it an abuse if you ask them to put trump on your cup, trump cup? kennedy: starbucks response this is why we can't have nice things. you guys will wreck it for everyone! >> goes back to my can comment. this is what i love about america and what i hate about america. really guys, it is coffee. come on. i don't know, california, if i said trump in certain place i would probably be shot. so i will use my regular name. sandra: could you trying that for us? go across the street. dagen: totally on board with this for one reason because that dad looks like our stage manager josh. sandra: probably voted like him
9:59 am
too. oh! dagen: put a photo of instagram and me and josh and said beginnings of a dirt bag convention. sandra: wow, starbucks is asking for this. remember the unity, unity conversation they tried to start with the cups? they're getting back at them. meghan: saw a tweet, i work at starbucks i will spit in any trump supporters cup. her next tweet is i've been fired from starbucks. dagen: that is really funny. meghan: i've been fired from starbucks. >> there is the unity cup. >> there is no such thing as bad press? people go, got to believe some of those twice, the guys in the next picture will go into star bush, and not buy lattes very often. meghan: just using my name at starbucks. >> i'm more after beer guy. meghan: thank you, adam housley. we're staying here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. find us on
10:00 am we're back on noon eastern the "happening now," starts right now. administration. >> we have seen high profile people in trump tower. we are covering all of the news happening now. >> he confessed to killing nine black worshipers in a south carolina church. one year after terrorist massacred hundreds of people in coordinated attacks in paris, new terror putting nations on edge. an incredible story of survival sending a tree crashing down on top of this car. >> i


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